"Integrity. I realize the word is overused,but the principle is not. While it is not humanly possible to fulfill every promise, that is what we strive for."

"The Action difference is more than just access to a wide variety of steel supply sources. It is access to a company with a proven track record. It is timely delivery of steel that matches your specifications."

Mark Denney
Mark Denney: Born in central, Michigan, the oldest of five children. Raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Graduated with Distinction from High School. Three plus years of college, primarily Central Michigan University and Oakland Community College. Also, extensive training through Landmark Education Corporation in the areas of communication, enrollment, leadership and performance. Began in the steel business in 1980 with Detroit based, Aspen Steel Corp. Started Action Metals, Inc. in 1987 with partners. Bought out partners in 1989. Sole owner since. Proud to be a Michigander.
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